Residential Territory Manager

Job Title Residential Territory Manager
Date of Posting
Location No Location
Status Full Time
Job Description


  1. Developing an annual business plan that will achieve assigned annual equipment and supplies sales targets.
  2. Developing & maintaining a daily sales call schedule that responsibly allows regular outside sales calls to appropriate customers and maintains a customer data base & self-generated information.
  3. Prospecting, adding, & developing new quality customers to grow company sales and improve market share.
  4. Attending all company meetings, training events and functions as assigned.
  5. Providing job quotes reflecting a profit, obtaining competitive bid information, and communicating with the Regional Manager on pricing activities.
  6. Maintaining accurate, up-to-date dealer/customer account pricing at profitable levels for all customers while communicating pricing changes to dealers/customers in a timely manner.
  7. Following sales procedures and policies as established by the company.
  8. Monitoring customer credit status and working with the Credit Manager to keep all assigned accounts current.
  9. Planning and executing assigned tasks effectively & meeting all deadlines.
  10. Responsible for learning, supporting, & selling Dealer Programs by assigned deadlines and monitoring dealer participation in the programs during the year supplying feedback to the Regional Manager and Marketing Department.
  11. Responsible for working with dealers and their builders in the Midsize Builder Programs to gain market share as assigned by the Regional Manager.
  12. Maintaining a high level of product knowledge & training dealers/customers in areas of specifying, selling, basic installation, and basic service diagnostics.
  13. Addressing dealer and equipment problems & immediately resolving the issues at the protection of the company while being fair to all.
  14. Communicating all factory, product and company information in a timely manner to all customers and dealers.
  15. Maintaining a current contact list of all pertinent customer information of current and past accounts.
  16. Administering the current coop program working with dealers to stay compliant and processing their claims accurately and promptly.
  17. Administering the current warranty program, teaching online processing, & working with dealers to be proficient in processing claims and returning appropriate defective parts to the factory.
  18. Assisting company & local managers in areas of resolving technical and delivery problems.
  19. Responding timely to requests from all other departments offering information or solutions as appropriate.
  20. Scheduling self time to learn new skills to improve efficiency and professionalism
  21. Establishing a personal commitment to excellence.
  22. Working daily in a professional, safe and efficient manner.
  23. Providing a professional image through grooming, communication, follow-up, enthusiasm, commitment and demeanor.


  1. Performs other work-related duties as assigned.


  1. Four-year college degree in sales, marketing, or engineering—or five-year successful industry related outside sales experience.
  2. Strong listening, verbal, written, analytical, and interpersonal skills.
  3. Ability to multitask.
  4. Ability to organize and prioritize work to meet established deadlines.
  5. Proficient with MS Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
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